Stas Mikhailov expressed himself against the participation of children in the show “the Voice”

Singer Stas Mikhailov forbids his children to participate in the show “the Voice.” He thinks it will break them mentally.


The musician is a father of six children, he not only has time to tour, but also to devote time to their descendants. Recently, his youngest daughter, Maria said the first anniversary, in connection with which the singer congratulated her on social media.

In recognition Mikhailov, he does not want, that his children were geniuses, and the younger daughter he gave up skating to school Evgeni Plushenko, since that was always asking to go to the rink. He did not intend to “push through” offspring in the transmission of “Voice,” as it is, in the opinion of the artist, they break the psyche and can infect stardom. In the family of Stas Mikhailov kids don’t watch TV, and he is against the fact that they participated in the modeling business.