Statement of Opposition the platform For life on the representation of the views of the residents of the South-East is a political advantage.

Заявление Оппозиционной платформы - За життя о представлении взглядов жителей юго-востока является политическим преимуществом, - политолог

The statement “the Opposition platform For life” on the representation of the views of the residents of the South-East is a political advantage. Such opinion on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine” said political analyst Vasily Makarov.

“I think we should welcome the creation of such a platform, first and foremost, obviously, society has seen the results of what is called “the work of Viktor Medvedchuk,” which undertook the unification of the opposition or of the opposition forces. And it already demonstrates to the society the result,” he said.

Makarov recalled that work on the merger began 2 months ago, and yesterday the decision was made, and many experts welcomed this step.

“Politics articulated so that they will represent the views of Ukrainians who live in the South and East of Ukraine. And it’s pretty cool, speaking even from the political strategy point of view. When there are people who have their views, but their views no one represents and defends, it is definitely bad. But if there is a political force that has positioned himself and says it is already at least a plus,” – says Makarov.

We will note, earlier the head of the political Council of the party “For freedom” Viktor Medvedchuk has published the main strategic objectives of the new political Association.

“Association “the Opposition platform For life” was established to protect the interests of the inhabitants of the South-East and the Russian-speaking population. We advocate for the cessation of hostilities in the Donbass, for the full implementation of the Minsk agreements and to restore peace in the country. Our main enemies — the fighting in the Donbass, tariff genocide, corruption, criminal tyranny, criminal power, “predatory nationalism” of the Ukrainians poverty and social injustice.” We have a specific program to restore peace, revive the economy, to make Ukraine successful and happy country,” – said in a policy statement.

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