Step to freedom: how to go to another mobile operator and keep the room

Шаг к свободе: как уйти к другому мобильному оператору и сохранить номер

When Ukraine will host the launch of MNP

Since February 2019 Ukrainians will be able to keep your phone number after changing mobile operator. The launch of the service and how it will work?

The service of portability of mobile telephone numbers (eng. mobile number portability, MNP) was launched in 1999 in the UK, the Netherlands and Hong Kong. In the developed countries of Europe it runs from the beginning of 2000-ies.

The need for the MNP service became apparent with the mass proliferation of mobile communications. To force mobile operators to improve the quality of services and reduce their cost, the customers were able to retain their phone number even after switch to another operator.

Therefore, since the end 1990-ies, many governments have begun to require operators to provide telephone number portability at the request of the subscribers.

The procedure of transfer can be free or paid and last from several minutes to several days.

In which countries is the MNP service

Шаг к свободе: как уйти к другому мобильному оператору и сохранить номер


Шаг к свободе: как уйти к другому мобильному оператору и сохранить номер


The ball on the side of the UCRF

In Ukraine, the first tender for the supply of equipment and services for MNP introduction the Ukrainian state centre of radio frequencies — UCRF — held in 2015, but then, the Agency has recognized the tender invalid.

Re-auction the center held in 2016, but they have not started the process of implementing services. The reason — long legal battle between UCRF, the winner of the tender LLC “Dialink” and one of the bidders, OOO “es ay center”.

After two years of litigation, “es ay center” finally put the UCRF for equipment and software required to operate MNP. Now for the MNP launch, the centre should complete the establishment of a comprehensive information security system — CISS.

“The ball is in the customer, that is, UCRF, — explains the representative of “es ay center”. — Only depends on its solution, as soon as running the service. All legal obstacles to the launch of regulated. We are ready to complete the implementation of the MNP project, which had already done 90% of the obligations, if appropriate lawful decision.”

Meanwhile, the company itself does not participate in the completion of the MNP. “The agreement with UCRF terminated. We are out of the project. Questions I recommend to ask UCRF,” — said in the comments of EP head of sales Department of the company “s ay center” Dmitry Myslicki.

The company believes that February 2019 — quite a realistic date for launch of MNP, but it is provided that the UCRF decides to complete the system on the basis of already installed equipment.

“If UCRF will conduct a new tender, the new contractor will do everything from scratch, until February 2019 MNP service is definitely not working, it is absolutely unrealistic” — emphasize the “es ay center”.

Ready mobile operators

That the launch of MNP will take place in early 2019, reported the press service of the company lifecell.

There refer to the fact that in early June of 2018, the national Commission for regulation of communications and Informatization — NCCIR — voiced “Estimated execution plan of measures on introduction of number portability”.

According to this document, the MNP launch is expected in the first quarter of 2019.

In lifecell also revealed the upcoming action algorithm UCRF and mobile operators to launch services. Now the center is working on developing IISS, which needs then to obtain a certificate of conformity to pass the state examination. UCRF also announce a tender for selection of the integrator the Central database CDB.

Meanwhile operators need to purchase and configure a local database — LBD — and cryptology (this requirement is for the protection of personal data of subscribers) from your LBD. In lifecell say that their LBD ready in the spring of 2017.

“After that comes the stage of integration and cross testing the operation of the service. At the end of 2018 will be concluded the contract on connection of operators to the CDB. Also, operators must adjust business processes and to prepare for the launch of the service internal systems,” they concluded in lifecell.

In “Vodafone Ukraine” also expect that the MNP will work early 2019.

“We coordinate the schedule of implementation of services. The exact timing is in the process of development and depend on the effective collaboration of all stakeholders. Expect it to be in early 2019,” — said the Director for corporate governance and control “Vodafone Ukraine” Olga Deynega.

The press service of the Kyivstar company is not yet ready to give a timeframe for the launch of mobile number portability.

“Together with the regulator and UCRF colleagues on the market, we are discussing the implementation plan and the MNP launch. Specific time to call so far, but the “Kyivstar” will support the launch in the shortest possible time, provided that other market players will be ready, and customers will receive quality service,” — said the press service of “Kyivstar”.

How will MNP

According to the owner “s ay center” Dmitry editor-in-chief and Director of the information and telecommunications areas UCRF Victoria Troshchenko, Ukraine number porting from one operator to another will occur within three business days.

To transfer your number from operator to operator, each subscriber, if it will provide reliable data about itself and pass an ID check.

Identity when transferring rooms will be required. The person will have to show the passport and to prove that the number he moves to another operator, belongs to him. Subscribers with physical disabilities will be able to transfer your number, with the assistance of others, subject to the issuance of a warrant.

In the application for transfer must specify to which operator the person goes and from what refuses.

Operators must notify the subscriber about the readiness to start a technical procedure of transfer. During the transfer, the subscriber can stay without a connection for three hours. The cost of the transfer must be “small,” say the editor-in-chief and the troschenko.

Ukraine remains almost the only country in Europe where there is no mobile number portability service. In other post-Soviet countries have long implemented MNP. According to preliminary calculations, to change operator preserving your room is ready about 2 million Ukrainians.