Steve Wozniak: “AI so far, more like “augmented idiocy”


Artificial intelligence, despite all its recent achievements, far from the level of the human brain, believes the Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. In an interview with Forbes he shared his vision of the AI, and also explained why still uses an iPhone and prefers the Chevy Bolt, and Tesla is not.

The head of Tesla Elon Musk believes in the invasion of killer robots and SHEA-the Apocalypse and the co-founder of Microsoft bill gates, by contrast, believes that the expected uprising of the machines yet. My opinion on the matter is shared and co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak.

In an interview with Forbes, he called artificial intelligence augmented idiocy (Idiocy Augmented — AI). In the opinion of the engineer, modern SHI is far from human intelligence, so called technology is not true. Previously Wozniak had feared that machines will replace humans, but then changed his mind.

Despite this, he admitted that the machines do a good job with variety of tasks. For example, understand spoken and written language, and even beat the person in intellectual games. But to achieve the result they helps the software developed by programmers.

“None of the machines can take and think: “What am I gonna do today?” This is only possible after the onset of the singularity, if it is possible in principle. The brain is a phenomenon much more complex than the system processing a certain amount of information for a certain period,” — said Steve Wozniak.

In an interview with engineer and inventor also noted that recently the greatest interest to him cause not computers, and electric vehicles and drones. He also monitors the development of the virtual voice assistant Siri, Google Assistant, Bixby, Cortana, and Alexa.

“My favorite device is the Chevy Bolt and the Apple Watch,” said Wozniak. To Tesla to Apple cofounder ambiguous. A year ago, Wozniak said that buys the Chevy Bolt, as it is devoid of the drawbacks of the Model S. But in December, he noted that the value of Tesla in a wide network of charging stations Supercharger. In may, Wozniak praised Elon musk, for his commitment to innovation and fearlessness, and the Model S described as “a beautiful, elegant and simple device.”

In an interview with the engineer to clarify his attitude to competing electric vehicles. According to Wozniak, the car is better than Tesla does not exist, but the problem of the Model S is the high price. “The Chevy Bolt is much cheaper. In function and quality and it is inferior to the Tesla, but it’s perfect as a car every day”.

To smartlogin Apple Watch Apple cofounder also had questions. The first time he used the device simultaneously with the regular wristwatch, but then finally switched to smartlogin. Moreover, Wozniak began to use the iPhone for integration with Apple Watch, although admitted that he likes Android phones, including the Nexus 5x, Pixel and Galaxy S8+.


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