Steven Fletcher called the end of the world. The Mayan calendar predicted the emergence of Nibiru on December 21

Representatives from NASA and the University of Sydney commented on the information. Huge amounts of myths associated with the Mayan calendar and the appearance of Nibiru very skeptical about in scientific circles. Scientists believe that the interest in such things, “heated” solely because of the Internet.


The conspiracy theorists relentlessly continue to frighten the public with apocalyptic predictions. This time the author of the theory was a researcher, a lover of Steven Fletcher, who has published on its youtube channel the corresponding video. The materials that provide to the public evidence of the onset of doomsday, is signed: “21 Dec 2017… Last day… Kannuki Winter Sun… the end of the world…”. Fletcher reports that in fact the predictions of the ancient Mayans was interpreted incorrectly, and the end of the world, the occurrence of which all predicted December 21, 2012, will take place 5 years later. The author of the article claims that between 2012 and 2017 do a lot of similar moments, which was repeated on our planet 5 years later. Seismic activity of the Earth, hurricanes, tsunamis, and war – all this had taken place in the life of mankind in those times, according to Steven Fletcher. At the same time a researcher, a lover came to the conclusion that the Mayan calendar at the time was interpreted incorrectly quoted alternative “Russian conversation”. Netizens could not help but comment on these materials. Most of them criticized the author of the theory, considering that these data are distorted. “Don’t be the author of confusion,” said a netizen under the name “Solomon Hedd-Williams III”. However, there were those who supported the scholar-lover in his theory.

On the domestic platform, the media started to discuss the question as to what linked the coming of the end of the world with the appearance of the mysterious Nibiru. According to the publisher The telegraph, the first “chatter” (so called the myth of Nibiru the authors of the material) appeared in 1995, when the ZetaTalk website UFO-lover, Nancy the Leader said that is a kind of “channel” on the transmission of information by extraterrestrials from the constellation of Zeta Reticuli. As reported by the then Leader, the aliens warned humanity about the imminent approach of Earth to Nibiru. The idea of the existence of the mysterious planet X began to develop David Mead in his book “planet X – the Arrival of 2017”. On the website EarthSky continued “pumped up” to the fact that the end is nigh, and it is connected with anomalies in the Sun, the moon and other celestial bodies of our system of planets. However, astrophysicist Christopher M. the Verge reported that “such “anomalies” observed simultaneously in 827, 1483, and 1293 1056 years”, – quotes the astronomer The telegraph.


As it turned out, Nibiru and predictions of doomsday are quite “typical information” for the world community. Writes American tabloid, the first time to the public was presented his prediction of the Apocalypse in 1844, when the American teacher, William Miller predicted the Second Coming of Christ. However, history will remember this year as “a Big Disappointment”. In 2003, first talked about the Sumerian tables, which indicated the exact date of the collision of Nibiru and Earth. “This catastrophe was initially predicted for may 2003, but when nothing happened, doomsday date was moved to December 2012. The onset of the Apocalypse is linked with the end of one cycle of the winter solstice in the ancient Mayan calendar,” quoted NASA’s American tabloid. Representatives of the scientific departments had to dispel the myth predicting end of the world the ancient Mayan calendar. Doctor of astrophysics John Carlson said: “the Prophecy “was a misconception from the very beginning. The calendar ended on 21 December 2012. On this day there were no prophecies predicting the end of the world”.


As for the existence of Nibiru, on this account, representatives from NASA also gave his comment: “the planet in question, Nibiru, does not exist, so the collision will not. The story of Nibiru has been in existence for many years (as the history of the “dark days”), and it periodically processed into new “apocalyptic fable”. Nibiru and other stories about wayward planets is an Internet hoax. This information is not scientific evidence”. “If Nibiru or planet X were real and they were close to Earth , astronomers would monitor it. It is obvious that it does not exist. Eris (which previously took over Nibiru) is real, but it is a dwarf planet similar to Pluto that will remain in the outer part of the Solar system. It is at the distance of 4 billion miles from Earth”, – quotes nosovtsev The telegraph.


Recall that in 2012, the world community expected the end of the world, which was predicted as a result of study of the Mayan calendar. As writes bbc news, according to a survey conducted by Reuters, one in ten Americans were concerned about the onset of the Apocalypse in December 2012. Morandir, Armson, scientist of the New age and Esoterica at the University of Sydney (Australia), said that fear about the end of the world and the predictions of the Maya associated exclusively with the Internet and data in this spread. In fact, the representatives of the ancient civilization predicted the Apocalypse. Do not worry on this account, added Morandir, Armson.