Stockholm: the enchanting Gamla Stan

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Stockholm is fascinating and dynamic. I’ll be honest, it is part of my biggest favorites in the field of trip urban. The capital of Sweden, it is also the place with the highest population density of the nordic countries. The urban centre of nearly a million inhabitants. Although the network of public transportation is extraordinarily well developed and cycling routes abound, the city is a veritable paradise for walking. For the strong walker that I am, I’ve walked the streets of Stockholm by performing at least 15 kilometers on foot every day.


With its colourful streets, this area of Stockholm is mostly car-free. A real pleasure for the lovers of walking.

Located on a large archipelago of the Baltic sea, Stockholm has developed at the mouth of lake Mälaren. More than 50 bridges connect the 14 islands that constitute the various districts.


Urban development offers a variety of spectacular views. The omnipresence of the water gives Stockholm its unique character. Frequently, an old fishing trawler converted into a permanent dwelling throne on the edge of a channel.

Among these islands, Gamla Stan, the old town, has particularly caught my attention. This is the city one of the best-preserved mediaeval Europe. We discovered the historic centre of the beginnings of Stockholm in 1252.


Gåsgränd gränd (alley of the oie) is a narrow street typical of the area of Gamla Stan. Its passage in the arch offers a different perspective surprising to the passage.

My first steps in the narrow winding streets of Gamla Stan are at a party, foggy and dark. Although this area is one of the busiest in the city, several streets are deserted. This gives the place an atmosphere footprint of mysteries.

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The dominance of golden, reddish and orange buildings give the narrow streets a touch of monochrome very warm and enveloping. Through these narrow walkways covered with paving stones testifying to centuries of history is a real step back in time.


 Cultural Immersion


The street Västerlånggatan, an artery usually very busy Gamla Stan is only a few meters in width. However, it is among the streets the longest of the island.

Passing in front of a small alley in the size of a person, intrigued, I dare to enter. At its end, I am literally drawn in by the crowd that wanders in a slow movement. I was just walking on the street Västerlånggatan, ” the long street of the west “.


A cozy atmosphere reigns in one of the many cafes in the street Västerlånggatan.

One of the main thoroughfares of Gamla Stan. Today destroyed, the small street running along before the path of a wall of defense. There are now small cafes, shops of all kinds especially, of memories where the viking culture is in the spotlight.


This walkabout remains pleasant the time of a few hundreds of meters. But the appeal of the cultural immersion makes me turn again to the quiet streets that are more isolated and monuments that punctuate my journey.


Stockholm is faithful and proud of its history, of its traditions, all immersed in modernity. This short stay I was simply given the taste to return and explore more of this city concerned about the well-being of its inhabitants and of its environment.

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