Stoneham: Rainbow coalition against Mayor Miller’s new team

Quebec A rainbow coalition led by City Councilor Claude Lebel will attempt to dislodge Mayor Robert Miller and his team of newcomers to municipal politics in the upcoming municipal elections. Councilor Louis-Antoine Gagné will also try his luck at the town hall as an independent.

Candidate for the mayor’s office, Claude Lebel recruited his colleague Paul Beaulieu, also a former member of the team of former mayor Gaétane Saint-Laurent, and Mme Saint-Laurent herself, Times within the new United Party of the Cantons.

Councilor Marie-Ève ​​D’Ascola, elected on the team of Mr. Miller in 2013, but who left in 2015 to sit as an independent, and Jannick Duchesne, a former member of the aspiring Mayor Julie Plamondon in 2013, also join the young party in addition to Sharon Walker and Stéphane Fontaine.

“We want to bring the municipality closer to its citizens, which has unfortunately gone too far in recent years. For example, is it normal that in such a small municipality there should be a magnetic card for all the doors? “Asked Lebel in an interview with Le Soleil.

This one confesses, it is with an internal survey realized with the tool among the seven members of the team that it obtained the mandate to represent the party to the town hall. “Ms Saint-Laurent and D’Ascola were also interested and I was chosen with 67% of the votes,” he told the Sun, swearing that he had given his vote to his colleague Beaulieu.

New team

For his part, Robert Miller has said working since March with the new team forming now his party Evolution Stoneham. It is comprised of four entrepreneurs, Nathalie Baribeau, Sylvie Auclair, Mario Bidégaré and Annick Laliberté, a daycare educator, Céline Beaulé, and Maryse Rousseau, Vice-President of the Quebec Public and Paralegal Trade Union.

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“These are people I met at public meetings or in the field. Some have already criticized me, as did Mrs Baribeau in the matter of minor hockey. We have a great team and in two weeks we will be presenting a program focusing on the family, safety, healthy lifestyles and the environment, “says the mayor who is seeking a third term.

Independent Candidate

Another former member of the Miller team, Councilor Louis-Antoine Gagné, will also shortly announce his candidacy to the mayor’s office. “I want to run as an independent because I think the concept of a political party has no place in Stoneham. The last mandate showed that partisanship had its limits, “said the Sun who is confident of being elected with good support.

“I intend to work with other elected officials, regardless of their allegiances. I also believe that we should slow down development in Stoneham in the short term, perhaps for a mandate, instead of going to court against the interim control bylaw. Rather, we must work together with the Communauté métropolitaine de Québec on the issue of water, “he concluded.