Strange names for children in 2018: Milashev, and humor with hamlet

Самые странные имена для детей в 2018 году: Милаша, Хумора и Гамлет

In addition to traditional names, Ukrainian parents chose for their children and unusual. In particular, in the first half of 2018 was registered in such names as Egorina, Milashev, Samama, hamlet and the Pharaoh. This was announced by the Deputy Minister of justice for the state registration of Elena Sukmanova, the press service of the Ministry.

Among female names, the most unusual were: Egorina, Zlatoslava, Viviana, Versaviya, Dalin, Medea, Kataleya, It Milashev, appolinariya, mindy, humor with, Patricia, Fun, Princess, Staminia, Spring, Samama, Italy, Andromeda, Aceveda.

Men’s: Zlatozar, Nathaniel, Jonatan, YAROVIT, Bertrand, Venceslav, Eliot-Leopold, Elite, peacefulness, Algirdas, Peresvet, Matthew, was Born the hamlet, of Ratibor.

Among the most unusual names in Kiev — Accounting, Cassandra, Lala, melody, Luceria, Greta, Carmen, Azarias, Marseille, Svarog, Cyprian, Zachariah, Samuel, Solomon, Radomir, Cyprian, Oscar, Pharaoh, Mihwa.

As reported, the most popular names, which the Ukrainians have named their newborn children in the first half of 2018, began Sophia, Anastasia, Anna, Artem, Alexander and Maxim.

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