Stranger Things : the original end of season 1 was totally different and used to sacrifice a major character






The story of Stranger Things has failed to be very different from what we have finally delivered the brothers Duffer and Shawn Levy.

Stranger Things is a cardboard globe. With its season 2, the fabulous sci-fi series maintains its status as a show flagship of the streaming platform Netflix. However, before you become, the series of the brothers Duffer should be only a mini-series.

The renewal of the show for a second season has so upset the plans of the show runners who had expected an end very different to season 1. Attention, if you haven’t seen any episode of Stranger Things , or that you have not yet finished season 1, avoid reading the following.


Matt and Ross Duffer on the filming of season 1 with Wynona Ryder


Thus, at a Q&A at the university of Chapman, Ross Duffer is back on the end of the original set for the first season :

“Maybe I shouldn’t say it because I like to pretend that everything was planned from the beginning, but originally it had pitché as a mini-series to Netflix. So, Eleven had to sacrifice himself to save the world, and then that was it. At the time, the mini-series were trend.

It is at this point that the business came into play. When he was introduced, I often heard “we do not earn money with the mini-series”. And I remember when we went to the pitcher to Netflix, they said to us : “Good, we like, but how it could continue ?”. So, you’re a little obliged to invent an answer and we said : “Ben, Will comes back from this other dimension, but it’s not going very well.” And there they were in a mode called “awesome !” “


She’s alive !


Therefore, with the return of Will, Eleven, who was to die at the end of season 1 returns to the center of the series to save once again his friends. If the season 2 of the Stranger Things was greeted with such enthusiasm, it is also said that it is thanks to the presence of the character of Millie Bobby Brown, darling of the series. Like what, Netflix has yet had the flair on it.

Season 2 is available on Netflix since last October 27.


The poster Will Byers, played by the excellent Noah Schnapp