Streaming service Disney will begin operations in late 2019

Стриминговый сервис Disney начнет работу в конце 2019 года

Competitor Netflix, streaming service Disney will begin operating in late 2019. This was announced by Executive Director of Disney, Bob iger, says Variety.

According to him, at the start of the streaming service the Studio will be all new films, including “Captain marvel,” “Dumbo” and fourth “Avengers”. There will be some movies that are created directly for streaming services, such as the remake of “Lady and the tramp” and the Comedy “Noel” with Anna Kendrick.

Disney also intends to begin production of series such franchises as “Corporation of monsters” and “high school musical”. It is expected that all divisions of Disney, including Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm and Fox will be engaged in the production of content for the service.

It is noted that the service will not be previous episodes of “Star wars”, as the rights for their distribution are already sold out. However, the pattern of Lucasfilm, the release of which will take place in 2019 and later will go to the library online cinema.

It is noted that the library online cinema will be filled gradually, and the estimated subscription price will be less than Netflix, due to the smaller amount of content.

Recall that Disney intends to withdraw all its films from Netflix.

As previously reported, the French broadcaster announced the creation of a competitor to Netflix and Amazon.

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