Strikes in Syria: the conservatives and the new democrats react

Frappes en Syrie: les conservateurs et les néo-démocrates réagissent

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OTTAWA | The leader of the conservative Party of Canada, Andrew Scheer, has supported Sunday the air strikes american, british and French on Syria in response to the chemical attack allegedly carried out the April 7 by the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

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“The world community cannot stand by and do nothing while a tyrant uses chemical weapons to kill and maim innocent civilians,” said Mr. Scheer in a press release. The official Opposition strongly supports the United States, the United Kingdom and France in their efforts to hold Assad responsible for his crimes, and to limit its ability to chemical weapons.”

The leader of the New democratic party (NDP), Jagmeet Singh has also condemned the use of chemical weapons by the syrian regime, while criticizing the strikes.

“The escalation of violence by further military intervention is not the right way to establish peace and stability in Syria and the surrounding region,” said Mr Singh on Sunday morning, also by press release.

The chief neo-democratic party has also qualified as insufficient the efforts of Canada in support of a diplomatic solution to the conflict.

“Canada does not engage as it should to support the diplomatic efforts with our international partners to prevent any escalation of further violence, added Mr. Singh. Any effective response to the crisis in Syria needs to be multilateral and in accordance with international law.”