“Structures discontinued”: manufactured landscapes

Photo: Canal D
This documentary series british gives to discover places that were formerly shaped and invested by architects and engineers to be subsequently abandoned.

The human tendency is to settle somewhere, to inlay, and to leave its indelible trace, a lot more often for the worse than for the best… This series british documentary gives discover places which have once been shaped, and invested by architects and engineers to be subsequently abandoned, marked by buildings which are now part of the landscape, which is now ” manufactured “, to make reference to a documentary by Jennifer Baichwal.


Structures abandoned, which is divided into six episodes, tells the story of the origins of several of these installations ghosts, and also explains the reasons for their desertion through archival images, testimonies of people who have attended or even those designed and comments, unfortunately not always relevant, experts in the field… Apart from this small downside, the series has proven to be very successful, very rich visually and fascinating in the connection.


Thus, in the episode aired this Monday, we find in urban environments, abandoned, as the small japanese island of Hashima, not bigger than an ocean liner, which was once the most densely populated country in the world with 5000 inhabitants, most of whom worked in a coal mine now abandoned. The next episodes will highlight bridges, roads, energy facilities, shipyards and projects “space” that no longer have a reason to be otherwise as we remember that they once had a life…

Structures abandoned

Channel D, Monday, 20 h