Successful marriage for Diogenes

Some 50 people responded to Diogène’s wedding invitation on Wednesday night. For the most part decorated with their finest attire, some even holding a wedding gift in their hands, the guests settled in the Murdock room of the Arts and Culture Center of Chicoutimi, not knowing what to expect, But convinced that they would not attend a traditional wedding ceremony. After all, a Black Clown remains a Black Clown, even on his wedding day.

Even before entering the theater, the guests’ call, as the Black Clowns wished, has made it possible to discover that the spectators had embarked with their feet together in the new proposal of the Théâtre du Faux Coffre. They were invited to make an effort to dress and offer wedding gifts. Ties and dresses were in the spotlight.

A few minutes later, on stage, a few words were enough for Diogenes to confirm that he was still single. However, he was determined to get married the same evening, as part of this new solo show of the Black Clowns. For a little less than two hours, Diogenes was preparing for the ceremony.

The character interpreted by Martin Giguère first assessed his love affairs. Then, through the reading of different texts from a distant past, he demonstrated the importance of a good marriage preparation in five stages, anything but simple.

Diogenes is alone on stage for most of the performance. Sitting at a table, he is surrounded by the few writings he uses, a projector and a screen, as well as a shelf that allows him to display gifts received from the public. (Wednesday night he unpacked a toilet brush, Molson Export glasses, a bottle of wine, some books, a vase, a mask, a figurine and a necklace for his future wife.)

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A few sounds, a projector and cardboard accessories complete the picture. But Diogenes does not need more. Sitting in his chair, he punctuates his readings by beating the rhythm of the words of his expressive hand. Throughout the performance, he manages to maintain cadence and laughter. He uses the writings of the 19th century, or his childhood, to skillfully train the public in his universe.

Diogenes will repeat the exercise a few times over the next few days. The Diogène Marriage is presented from Wednesday to Saturday, until February 25, at 8:00 pm, in the Murdock Room of the Chicoutimi Arts and Culture Center. The entrance fee is $ 20 and $ 16 for students. However, spectators who make an effort at dress, as well as those who offer a wedding gift, are entitled to a $ 2 discount on the ticket price.