Such investments are rare

Les investissements se font rares

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Entrepreneurs who go to the show In the eye of the dragon on Radio-Canada, have a vested interest to not make too many illusions. The vast majority of them will conclude, never be a final agreement.

Of the 32 companies that have received and accepted offers totaling$ 2.6 Million on the film set last year, barely has managed to achieve an agreement up here : OLA Bamboo has received $ 10,000 from Caroline Néron.

The wrist strap is on the point of agree with Joane, The Happy Chocolates for an undisclosed sum, while Serge Beauchemin is finalizing an investment of $150,000.

For his part, Gilbert Rozon has complied with its promise to offer a booth at the Just for laughs festival to Sofa Happy Air (value of $ 15 000). The three companies have not responded to the Journal and has ceased its activities (Mixit).

The rate of success of the agreements made during the issuance last year amounted to 12.5 % (four of 32).

This is much less than at the show Shark Tank in the United States, where the success rate is 57 %, according to Forbes. This observation is based, however, on seven seasons.


Jean-Philippe Brousseau, CEO of Phone Loops, is disappointed not to be able to conclude an agreement. “It is one thing to make a deal on tv, but it is another to have the meaningful engagement of an investor “, he noted. Like all participants, it recognizes, however, that the program has had a dramatic effect on its business.

“In the end, the offer that we made was a lot less interesting than what we had received to the screen, so it was denied,” says Véronik Lacombe manufacturer of ice véganes Lacrem.

“It was not my best year,” agreed the dragon Serge Beauchemin, who has participated in five seasons of the show. The agreement that he intends to sign with The green Screens will be the only one to see the light of day on the 10 signed on the air for a success rate of 10 %. Its five-year average is better : 21 %.

“When you invested, you’re committed for at least five years, so if you have doubts, you embarques,” he notes.


“There are several reasons why it may not work, points out Christiane Germain. There may be a lack of interest of both sides. Sometimes, we realize that the reality is not quite the same as what we were presented on tv. “

Mr. Beauchemin said that a company has preferred to accept a bank loan that will associate with him. “You spend all this time with them, you plugges to the left and to the right, and then it’s “ciao, bye !” he laments.

“There is one who told me to let her go and then called me back after telling me “there, I see what you can do, could you come back ?” Well, no, it is too late ! ” lance Caroline Néron.

To those who accuse the dragons to be a chick, Serge Beauchemin replies that this is not the case. In the five years it has invested approximately $ 800,000 in 12 companies. And within a year, he expects to have to write off half of these investments. Despite everything, he loved the experience.

Assistance that has not materialized

Créalunch : boom sales
For this producer of frozen entrées, the impact of the programme has been such that we have opted for an external financing rather than to sell shares to Caroline Néron, says CEO Valentin Millet. The strong sales growth has also generated funds that have allowed us to reinvest in the business. In one year, the turnover has been multiplied by 10 to reach 10 000 $ by week.

Comfortable World : negotiations ” disastrous “
After having reached an agreement of $ 25,000 with Gilbert Rozon on the plateau, Julien Morissette has stumbled to its lack of availability. “I was doing business with members of his team, who have never built your business “, denounces the designer clothes and pillows. He finally had to invest for himself the sum promised by Mr. Rozon. “Things are taking place,” says Mr. Morrissette.

Baby Owl : a step-by-step
Entrepreneurs have interrupted the talks with Caroline Néron, who do not wish to enter immediately into a chain of department stores. “She saw it very big so that we, we preferred to have a more normal growth rate later,” says Matthew Dufour. Baby Owl is now distributed in boutiques Rachelle-Bery. “We’ll talk again the day where we want to go to a big chain,” says Mr. Dufour.

Sharebee : on second thought…
At issuance, the company’s storage and parking collaborative had agreed to sell 40 % of its shares to Martin-Luc Archambault for $ 150,000. After thinking about it, its founders change their minds. “I’m pretty sure Martin-Luc would not have gone with this deal-there itself “, summarizes the CEO Maxime Villemure. Present in Montreal, Quebec and Toronto, the firm is currently working to raise funds to drill in the United States.

Total value of offers made during the show

  • Martin-Luc Archambault : 482 500 $
  • Serge Beauchemin : 760 833 $
  • Christiane Germain : 565 833 $
  • Caroline Néron : 294 500 $
  • Gilbert Rozon : 463 333 $
  • Total : 2 566 999 $