Suffer, a social burden that costs a fortune

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Some patients cope with back pain is severe and constant, others with arthritis advanced.

In 2012, an american study has estimated that the direct and indirect costs of chronic pain in the United States ranged between 560 and 630 billion US $per year. A collective tab that far exceeds that associated with diseases of the heart, (309 billion US$), cancer (243) or diabetes (188).


Published in the Journal of pain, the analysis added up all the health costs caused by the pain and the loss of productivity of the economy.


An aggravating factor in the epidemic of opioid


Other research shows that access to early physical therapy can also dramatically reduce the use of opioids in the medium and long term. At the conference of the american physical therapy Association held in February 2017 at Texas, professor Chad Cook of Duke University showed that patients treated initially by physiotherapy before consuming these pain medications by taking the following approximately two times less than those who have walked the path in reverse (53,1 days of opioid consumption compared with 134 for the other).


Fibromyalgia, what is it ?


Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder of the central nervous system that affects mostly women. People who suffer from it feel a generalized pain for more than three months, often accompanied by sleep problems and depression. In Canada, approximately one million people suffer from this disease, officially recognized only since the late 1980s, but we still do not know the cause.

1 million

This is the number of people who suffer from fibromyalgia in Canada. This chronic disorder of the nervous system affecting especially women. We still do not know the cause of the disease.