Summer theater in the Parvis: everyone is suspicious

After the success of the play Bistro Chez Phil , the Théâtre du Parvis teamed up with the Troupe du Potluck for its summer theater. This year, the young actors offer a zany criminal cross-shot resulting from a failed bank robbery.

The Troupe du Potluck took up the challenge for a second year of offering an entirely Sherbrooke theatrical creation. From editorial to decor to special effects, the six members of the team have not been idle over the past few months.

The troupe is made up of six people, all residents of the Eastern Townships: actors Guillaume Bouliane-Blais, Sabrina Pariseau, Simon Turcotte, Nadya Fréchette and Maia Pons-Van Dijk and producer Alexe Laroche.

Cache-Cash tells the story of a failed hold-up by two criminals who lose money before they even get out of the bank. At that moment, all the people present became suspicious: the banker, the cashier and the grandmother who came to update his account. The whole is interspersed with the interrogation of each of the characters. We find the humorous tone that we know the troop.

“The scene is made in such a way that one gets the impression that the public is the investigator. The interrogation space is directly in the audience. It comes to look for the style of the detective novel where often the reader is going to be the investigator himself, “explains Alexe Laroche.

The audience takes a special place in the creations of the troupe.

“We call it a live show because we have three improvisers. They can think of gags that are added as they go along. So someone who is going to come and see the first and last, it will not be exactly the same thing. And he is going to have as much pleasure to one as to the other, “connects the young woman.

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The producer indicates that only the fine observers will be able to identify the subtle indices that make it possible to identify the culprit.

A passionate troupe

“We are a potluck and it’s not for nothing, because everyone brings his strength,” says Laroche.

Indeed, if some might believe that writing to several is a challenge, it turns out to be an inspiration for the troupe. “Everyone wrote a little bit on their own and everything fits together because we had the same vision and respect for the characters,” she says.

Even though they all have jobs alongside their involvement in the Potluck, members have given themselves wholeheartedly to the project. They even made three weekends of practice in the closed, in the house of one of the actresses in Racine, without wifi and without telephone network.

Above all, the Potluck Troupe is proud to contribute to the cultural scene in Sherbrooke as well as to rediscover the theater in a comical way.

“In Sherbrooke, there is a great artistic effervescence at the moment. By proposing a creation, we bring something different in the city and we create a small Montreal if we want. For the people of Sherbrooke, it’s encouraging people here and a creation that represents the city. There are Sherbrooke gags, referents that people here understand. It is a strong sense of belonging, “says the producer of the troupe.

The great premiere of the play will take place on Thursday in the formula red carpet with photographer and cider cut to the first 100 arrived. During the first week of presentation, several gifts will also be made during intervals.

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