Summit of NATO in Ukraine Kremlin is waging a war of a new

natoUkrainian question – one of the key summit of foreign ministers of NATO member countries is continuing in Brussels.

Before the meeting, diplomats told: after the Russian aggression in Ukraine NATO countries are going to see the relationship with Russia. Despite claims of Moscow to support the peace plan Poroshenko – real action for de-escalation of the Kremlin NATO not seen. Therefore urge Russia to take action as soon as possible to stop the supply of arms and militants across the Ukrainian border.

Also at the meeting to discuss assistance to Ukraine, in particular – to create special trust funds

On this said NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen prior to a meeting in Brussels: “Russian aggression against Ukraine led to the suspension of our practical cooperation with Russia. And, unfortunately, we do not see any indication that Moscow respect its international obligations . So today we will review our relations with Russia and agree on future strategy. ”

NATO Secretary General acknowledged the actual war against the Kremlin Ukraine: “As we see in Ukraine Kremlin is waging a war of a new, previously unknown type. We must discuss how to respond to the challenges and threats that arise in this context.”

Previously, he assured: no one can stop the expansion of NATO.

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