Sumy dug on the border with Russia ditch 60 km long

protective moat on the border
protective moat on the border

Sumy Regional State Administration builds a protective moat on the border with Russia. Told a news conference on Wednesday, said the head of the regional administration Vladimir Shulha transmit “Ukrainian News”.
“Sumy region was the first to dig a ditch. Nowadays dug a ditch about 60 km width of 4 m and a depth of 2 m”, – he said.
ODA Chairman said that in this way the level of blocked sites for smooth penetration technique.
He explained that this is done in order to the territory of Ukraine failed to pass heavy military equipment from Russia, as well as to avoid contamination by Sumy vehicles smugglers.
Shulha recalled that the Sumy region has the second longest border with Russia – 562.5 km.

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