Sunrise Records at the Galeries de la Capitale?

The HMV of the Galeries de la Capitale will become the first in Quebec City to finally close its doors on March 14th. However, the branch employees are hopeful that the store will be transformed into Sunrise Records, the Ontario record store that has just purchased 70 HMVs whose deaths have been announced.

At the end of January, HMV Canada announced the closure of all its stores in “approximately eight weeks”. Since then, communications have become scarce between the company and its branches. Last week, HMV employees in the Greater Quebec City area learned from the media that 70 of the 102 stores were finally bought out by another record store, Sunrise Records.

At the HMV of the Galeries de la Capitale, this last news was followed by another, two days later. “We knew on February 28 that we were closing on March 14,” says assistant manager Alexander Tetreault, who condemns HMV’s wild practices since the announcement of the closure. “Mid-March, it’s two or three weeks less than we thought. It’s really flat for employees who have a rent to pay and who are in the middle of their session at school. It would have been nice to know in advance the official closing date, “he lamented on Sunday.

However, this earlier closure compared to other HMVs of the region suggests the purchase of the store of the Galleries of the capital by Sunrise Records, believes the assistant-manager.

The owner of Sunrise Records, Doug Putman, told La Presse last week that he bought “10 to 12” of the 22 HMV stores in Quebec, without revealing which ones.

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However, in the last few days, the company responsible for liquidating HMV’s properties found a tenant for all of the furniture in the Galeries de la Capitale shop, mainly disc shelves. The employees suspect that Sunrise Records is behind the purchase, says Alexandre Tétreault.

“We’re pretty sure the store will become a Sunrise. They invited HMV employees across the country to send their applications. Several of our employees have submitted and are waiting for an answer. ”

At the HMV of the Galeries Chagnon in Lévis and Fleur de Lys, it is confirmed that since the announcement of the death of HMV, there has been no new information communicated in relation to the closure or transformation of stores.

“We do not have a specific day for closing. By doing the calculation, the eight weeks took us to the end of March, “says the manager of the HMV Galeries Chagnon, Yannick Langlois. “For Sunrise Records, I did not talk to them, only hearsay.”

Same thing at Fleur de Lys. “They say two weeks ahead of the stores when they go close. We do not know for the moment, “assures the manager Alexe Langelier. “The purchase by Sunrise, we saw it in the newspaper.”

Sunrise Records did not respond to the Sun’s emails on Sunday. The manager of the HMV of Laurier Québec chose not to address the media.