Suprun gave advises Ukrainians how to harvest without harm to health

Супрун дала советы украинцам, как собирать урожай без вреда для здоровья

Acting Minister of health Ulyana Suprun gave advises Ukrainians how to conduct the harvest without harm to their health. Tips official has placed on the page in Facebook.

Suprun said that the harvest is a kind of workout for your muscles, which is called agrovincom. According to her, it benefits mental health because of being in the fresh air.

“Fresh air and greenery around the reduce level of the hormone cortisol in the body, which in turn reduces stress and the symptoms of anxiety. Gardening is even administered in some clinics for people with mental disorders,” she said.

The use of garden tools, according to the head of the Ministry of health, promotes the development of muscles of hands, back and legs. “So they can be considered aerobic exercises to strengthen muscles,” says Suprun.

Among the harm that can bring agrianes, Suprun has allocated the risk of injury, pain in muscles and joints.

“That holiday season was safe and useful, you should alternate the types of activities, work of short duration and to monitor the health of – to pause, to stretch out and relax the next day,” – said the official.

She also urged to beware of bacteria living in the earth, in particular tetanus. Not to get it, should be every 10 years to be vaccinated. Among other tips is to work in closed shoes and clothes (including gloves), to protect themselves from the sun and to drink enough water.

Earlier Suprun told why you should not stress-eating.

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