Suprun: Hang in social networks can lead to stress, anxiety and even depression

Супрун: Зависание в соцсетях может привести к появлению стресса, чувства тревоги и даже депрессии

Acting Minister of health Suprun recommends from time to time to break away from the gadgets and social networking. She wrote about this on his page in Facebook.

“There are many studies confirming the negative effects from excessive use of networks. Namely the appearance of additional stress, increased anxiety, worsening mood, and even depression. Moreover, the negative effects include the development of dependence, low self-esteem, and sleep disturbance” – she wrote.

Therefore, the acting Minister advises periodically to break away from their gadgets and social media accounts. And turn off the alert on the phone and arrange yourself at least a day without a phone.

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