Suprun told about the benefits of consuming water

Супрун рассказала о пользе от употребления воды

Acting Minister of health Ulyana Suprun shared with the Ukrainians the information about the benefits of drinking water. She did this on his page in Facebook, according to, on the eve of World water week.

First of all, said Suprun, water is essential for life.

“It transports nutrients, removes from the body products of metabolism and lubricates the joints. Dehydration feels like dry mouth and fatigue, decreased attention and memory, even dizziness and mild headache. Sufficient intake of water daily helps to overcome chronic fatigue, stress, improves your body and your brain,” – said acting Minister.

Suprun reminded that without water man can not exist, and more than 2 billion inhabitants of the Earth do not have access to drinking water.

“Having plenty of water, we sometimes forget about its importance. Remember that water is life! Do not waste water, but do not forget to drink. There are no unified standards of drinking water a day, because our need for hydration depends on the temperature and humidity around, activity, physical condition and the food that we eat,” wrote Suprun.

On Saturday she gave advice to Ukrainians how to harvest without harm to their health.

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