Suprun told how to avoid back strain from the backpack

Супрун рассказала, как избежать нагрузки на спину от школьного рюкзака

Acting Minister of health Suprun before the beginning of the school year gave a few tips on how to fold the backpack to school, the child was no burden on his back. She wrote about this in Facebook.

Suprun recommends to organize the placement of items in the backpack so that the most severe was at the bottom, closer to the center and to the back. For example, in the office, which is adjacent to the back of the child should be books. This minimizes the risk of back injury.

“Encourage your child to tell you about any discomfort, pain, numbness or other sensations in the back, neck, arms or legs that occur out of the backpack. Do not wait until the child himself will tell: very often children perceive discomfort for granted,” said Suprun.

Suprun recommends to ensure that the child always used two straps of a backpack: even weight distribution will prevent curvature of the spine. For prevention of back problems should tighten the straps so that the backpack snugly against the back along the entire length.

“Watch as your child puts on and removes the backpack. It is important that the student did it without effort. If necessary, adjust length of straps,” – said Suprun.

If the backpack is heavy, it is necessary to remove a few books from him and carry them in his hands.

“Make sure that the child is not leaning forward to compensate the weight of the backpack. If you think that the backpack is too heavy for a child, remove a few books from his backpack and let the child carries in their hands (this will ease stress on the back). If the weight of the backpack is excessive and the problem persists, purchase a second set of books: one for home, another for school,” said Suprun.

Note that KCSA has announced a schedule of holidays for the capital’s schoolchildren in the new academic year.

As reported, the Antimonopoly conduct inspection of fire safety in educational institutions before 1 September.

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