Suprun told why you should not stress-eating

Супрун рассказала, почему не следует заедать стресс

Acting Minister of health Ulyana Suprun told about the dangers of galling stress. Recommendations the clerk published on the page in Facebook.

According to Suprun, stress-related eating is the way to overcome it, which brings only momentary relief, and in the future may lead to health problems.

“Stress is the body’s response to sudden changes around when he decides that something threatens the security or comfort. That is, is our defensive reaction. However, when stress is long-lasting affects almost all systems of our body: cardiovascular, immune and digestive. Constant stress affects our food preferences. Studies show that physical or emotional stress stimulates the consumption of food with high content of fat and sugar. Because the stress hormone – cortisol in combination with high insulin levels, increases the appetite and desire for sweet and fatty foods. Sweet in turn gives the brain pleasure”, – the story the acting Minister.

Such a vicious circle, says Suprun, leads to consumption of large quantities of junk food, and this is a clear way to excess weight.

“However, overeating is not the only bad habit, which can add extra pounds. Stress leads to a new and equally dangerous habits: a lot of coffee, alcohol, Smoking, which supposedly help to calm down,” she said.

Suprun cited the statistics on which the meeting of the stress most women and men prefer in such cases to smoke more and drink alcohol.

“In any case, food, alcohol or cigarettes will not help to get rid of stress and improve your mood. Their excessive number, in combination with sleep disturbances and hormonal imbalances can severely damage your health… good nutrition, sleep, socializing with family and physical activity are the best ways in dealing with stress”, – says the head of the Ministry of health.

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