Suprun: Users of alternative tobacco products build useless illusions about their safety

Супрун: Потребители альтернативных табачных продуктов строят бесполезные иллюзии относительно их безопасности

Electronic cigarettes are not less hazardous than conventional tobacco products. About this in Facebook wrote acting head of the Ministry of health Suprun.

“Ukraine and the world are becoming more and more popular with a variety of products offered as a better alternative to conventional cigarettes…tobacco Manufacturers are constantly inventing various scientific and marketing technologies that would allow them to reduce the level of sales and profits. And one such technology is a “heat-not-burn” – she wrote.

Thus, according to Suprun, the harm of the new technologies of Smoking is not less than from conventional Smoking.

“A group of Swiss scientists conducted an independent study to determine whether technology is “heating instead of burning” so much better than cigarettes, as it is positioned. Scientists have discovered that no burning still does not protect from harmful compounds in the smoke. For example, the difference in the content of some carcinogens (such as formaldehyde, acrolein) is proportionate. The heating effect is sufficient for releasing hazardous substances that poison the human body just like it happens during Smoking conventional cigarettes,” she wrote.

Acting head of the Ministry noted that one of the biggest problems in the use of alternative tobacco products is that consumers have a useless illusions about their security, which prevents a complete cessation of Smoking.

As you know, tobacco products on technology “heat-not-burn” under the brand of iQOS in Ukraine produces “Philip Morris international”. However, while in tobacco the group did not respond to the position of the head of the Ministry of health.

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