Suprun was accused of Onmeda and administration of NMU. Bogomolets in the sabotage of the educational process

Супрун обвинила администрации ОНМедУ и НМУ им. Богомольца в саботаже учебного процесса

Ulyana Suprun, acting Minister of health of Ukraine, accused the leadership of the Odessa national medical University National medical University of Bogomolets in sabotage and disruption of the educational process. She wrote about this on his page in Facebook.

She said that it was about these two universities, the Ministry of health received the most complaints about abuses and corruption on the part of the rectors and their environment. In particular, the ex-rectors of universities Ekaterina Amosova and Valery Zaporozhan violated the terms of their contracts with the Ministry of health, for which he was dismissed, and in their place was appointed acting.

“In both cases, performing duties designated by the Ministry, was created by max obstacles in access to the workplace, necessary documents and generally to ensure the normal functioning of the universities. The former leadership of these institutions actively sabotaging their activities and all possible means disrupts the educational process,” – said acting Minister.

The ex-managers used a group of loyal students and graduate students, mostly from among the contractors of foreign, regularly create informational provocations and fakes, intimidated faculty.

Both of Amoz, and Zaporozhan, at the same time use the same law firm for representation in the courts.

The Minister also recalled that the Kyiv district administrative court on August 30 had terminated the orders of the Ministry of health regarding the appointment of the acting rector at the Odessa University. A similar decision was taken regarding the University. Bogomolets September 5. In both cases, the court banned the Ministry of health to appoint new people to the post of rector.

“That is a judgment name of Ukraine adopts decisions that make it impossible for the management of higher education institutions belonging to the state,” said Suprun.

In addition, said the acting Minister, today, 10 September, she received reports that the administration of the University of O. O. Bohomolets illegal dismissal of teachers who refused to support the ex-rector.

At the same time Zaporozhan, ex-rector of the Odessa University, seized the building of administration.

“Persons who use illegal and immoral methods for their own benefit, should not be engaged in education of future doctors. Ask students, interns and teachers to remain calm and not be afraid. The Ministry of health of Ukraine and the Government will make all necessary in order to put an end to these crimes and to avoid disruption of the educational process”, – summed up Suprun.

We will remind, the Commission of the Ministry of health has recognized unsatisfactory work of the rector of National medical University. Bogomolets Ekaterina Amosova and recommended to terminate her contract.

March 2, Administrative court reinstated of Amoz in the post of the rector of the University. Bogomoletz. On February 26, the University announced a strike in support Amosova.

Acting Minister of health Suprun said that it was not a strike, and intentional removal of students from the educational process and threatened the University administration with accountability for sabotage training.

On February 28, the Committee on the strike of NMU. Bogomolets announced the end of protests. The participants said that the parliamentary Committee on health, headed by Olga Bogomolets, supported the demands that were put forward by participants.

However, on 6 March, the Ministry of health of Ukraine has again excluded Catherine Amos from the post of rector.

With regard to the medical University, Odessa, July 16 at the UNIVERSITY arrived planned inspection of the Ministry of health. Valeriy Zaporozhan actually disrupted her work that the Ministry of health has recognized a gross violation of the terms of the contract with the rector and the “last straw”. On July 17 it became known of resignation of the rector Valeriy Zaporozhan. The corresponding order was signed by the head of the Ministry of health Suprun.

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