Svitolina predicted the winner world Cup 2018

Світоліна спрогнозувала переможця ЧС 2018 з футболу

Elina Svitolina named the winner of the world Cup

Best Ukrainian tennis player and the fifth racket of the world Elina Svitolina has made a detailed prediction for the results of the 2018 world Cup football. Star wrote accounts of all world Cup matches and have identified the probable winner of the tournament.

Elina Svitolina, besides tennis, is also interested in football and supports the English club Chelsea. It seems that sporstmena will follow the 2018 world Cup, which starts in Russia.

It is unlikely that she will be watching every match in the tournament, and it did not stop her to predict the results of all 64 matches. So, Svitolina bought the newspaper The Telegraph, The reversal of which was the calendar of the world championship 2018, and filled the tables of the group stage and the grid of the playoffs.

Thus, according to the tennis player, the champion will be the national team of Brazilin the finals will win Spain. In the match for third place Germany will beat France.

Forecast world Cup 2018 from Svitolina

The message circulated Elina Svitolina (@elisvitolina) Jun 13, 2018 6:31 PDT