Sweden has banned uranium mining

Швеция запретила добычу урана

Sweden has banned uranium mining
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The act applies including any enrichment of the substance.

The Swedish Parliament decided to introduce a ban on the production and enrichment of uranium. The law prohibits any physical or chemical beneficiation of the mineral for its use as a nuclear fuel.

The uranium will no longer be classified as so-called mineral concession in accordance with the mineral resources Act. This means that no longer will be able to provide research permits or permits for extraction of uranium, said the official report of Parliament.

The law was initiated by the government and will come into force on 1 August 2018.

Note that Sweden does not possess large reserves of the mineral. The country had built five Atomic power plants. However, to date there are only three of them: “Forsmark” (3 blocks), for IK Oskarshamn (3 reactors) and “Ringhals” (4 per reactor).

Three nuclear plants supply only 50 per cent of the total consumption of electricity. 1/3 of energy needs in Sweden is met by imported energy. Also there is wind power.


Iran has threatened to resume uranium enrichment

Tehran reacted rather painfully to the US withdrawal from the nuclear agreements and threatened to renew the program on uranium enrichment, if the terms of the deal are not adhered to. This statement was made by the representative of the Iranian government, Mohammad Bagher Nobakht.