Swedish hotel offers refund in case of divorce

Couples who divorce in the year following their stay in one of the hotels of the Swedish group Countryside will be able to be reimbursed, it was learned on Sunday.
With this “radical” initiative, the group hopes that “more people will understand how important it is to get involved before it is too late in their relationship,” AFP told AFP. Spokeswoman for the group, Anna Madsen, who is not afraid of abuse.
To get a refund, it’s simple: just enter a code when booking at one of the group’s 40 luxurious hotels in Sweden and if, contrary to expectations, customers divorce in the year, They have only to send the judgment and Countryside Hotels reimburses their stay, up to two nights, “the group said in a statement.
To enjoy it, you have to be “legally married and stay in the same room”.
Introduced on 20 March, the offer is open-ended and the number of bookings made with the code is not yet known.
“A lot of people have come forward and asked if this guarantee exists for real,” she said.
“We’ve been welcoming couples in our hotels for a long time (…) and we’ve seen how beneficial it is to leave the routine and dedicate themselves to each other,” she said. Added, hoping that this campaign will perpetuate marriages.
In 2014, more than 47,000 marriages were celebrated in Sweden and some 24,000 divorces were pronounced.

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