In Switzerland, Eric Zemmour believes is “too measured”

zemmourThe Swiss are decidedly leftist paper tigers. They called to spoil the arrival of Eric Zemmour in the city of Calvin. They were content to sneak throw a stink bomb in a bookstore downtown which hosted the French polemicist Tuesday afternoon. Hardly enough to discourage many admirers of this writer obsessed with the “anti- France “some readers are moved from Lausanne and Neuchâtel same.

The Swiss yet has no colonial past, and its small towns, with geraniums in the windows, hardly resemble the French suburbs. As for foreign populations, they come over from Portugal, Italy and France as the Maghreb. Nevertheless, for a young woman who wisely patient in the tail, “Immigration, Eric Zemmour said aloud what many think everything down.” As for an “old” French, newly naturalized Swiss, it ensures that the author of French Suicide dare to present “a true picture of France, while the media distort reality.”

“A salafisation of Islam”

So Eric Zemmour prophet among Helvètes? The journalist-writer, blue suit on blue striped shirt, hardly surprised by his success, responds to the Swiss, like other Europeans are beginning to understand that the drama that saw France – he announced his imminent death – “Only the spearhead of what awaits all of Europe.” And if the Confederation welcomes little ascent, however, it opens its doors to the Kosovars, Bosnians, Albanians.

“These are Muslims. Do not tell me no peaceful Islam. There is currently a salafisation all Islam. The Swiss have banned the construction of new minarets, and they were right,” Eric Zemmour loose. In the queue, in the basement of the library, a fan of the French polemicist happens armful of seven books. “You have a large family? Or is it your buddies who do not want to queue?” jokes journalist, capable of sending multiple SMS between each dedication.

Confrontation with Jean Ziegler

Invited by Infrared, a program of the Francophone Swiss television, Eric Zemmour has not parted with good humor. Even when he regrets that France “persecute those sounding the alarm.” Previously, the, the author of the First Gender complained that there was in France that “insults confrontation, not arguments.”

However, on television, the exchange with the Swiss sociologist Jean Ziegler remained very good child. “Contrary to what you claim, the family is not destroyed. I have an excellent relationship with the woman, who is also a little higher” cried the old socialist activist, who just repeat back guns! Choose sides.

Answer tricolor polemicist: “You make us” Plus belle la vie “You’re in the dream.” Last confidence of Eric Zemmour: he acknowledges having shown “too measured” in the French Suicide. On page 305 of his book, he does not hesitate to write that the extermination of Jews, even “if it is more than a detail”, “does not occupy the strategic heart of the war.” We can show somewhat concerned in the case of a possible reissue.

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