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After losing his mother-in-law last week, it is a new blow to Sylvie Vartan. This Wednesday 6 December, she loses all of her ex-husband, singer Johnny Hallyday, with whom she had shared her life for over fifteen years.

Decidedly bad luck seems to rail against Sylvie Vartan. In recent days, the singer went on to woes. According to an information Closer, Sylvie Vartan would have lost in the middle of last week her mother-in-law, Anne Scotti, aged 101 years. The circumstances of his death have not been revealed, but the family has confirmed the bad news. The disappearance has deeply saddened the singer. Very proven, Sylvie Vartan did not wish to make a statement.

This Wednesday 6 December, the announcement of the death of Johnny Hallyday, her husband for 15 years, is a new blow for the star. This time the singer wanted to express, and expressed to the AFP from its deep pain. “As all France, my heart is broken. I lost the love of my youth and nothing can ever replace it, ” she confided very moved.

Sylvie Vartan was the wife of Johnny Hallyday from 1965 to 1980. They had met at the Olympia in 1961. After months of secret love, they decide to reveal their story on the big day at the microphone of Europe 1, two years later. In 1965, the two lovers marry one another before a horde of photographers. A year later, they will be the proud parents of a little boy named David. After ups and downs and nearly fifteen years of love, the couple eventually split in 1980. In good terms, the two singers remained very accomplices.

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