Sytnik predicted the accelerated pace of creating an anti-corruption court because of the election.

Сытник спрогнозировал ускоренные темпы создания Антикоррупционного суда из-за выборов

Anti-corruption court can create at an accelerated pace in connection with the pre-election period. This was stated by Director of the NABU Sytnyk during the presentation of the report on the work of the anti-corruption Bureau in the first half of 2018, which was broadcast channel “112 Ukraine”.

“I’m often asked when it is created. I will say one thing that we enter the election period in Ukraine – perhaps it will also help to ensure that this trial will start as soon as possible, because you have something to tell voters. Therefore, I am optimistic about this direction,” – said Sytnik.

Sitnic said that the most important step will be the implementation of this law.

“Today, we have this law, very many authorities started to shout that it is a victory. I say again that I do not believe that this is the stage where you can say the victory is actually a step, he’s given Ukraine is not the most important step. The most important step is the implementation of this act, fast, qualitative, in order to as quickly as possible to run this independent judicial anti-corruption institution,” – said Sytnik.

We will remind, in June of this year in Ukraine came into force the law on Higher anti-corruption court, and a formal act establishing the Anticorruption court. According to the documents, the Highest anti-corruption court should form until June 14, 2019, for a start its work need to type at least 35 anti-corruption judges, of which at least 10 representatives of the appeals chamber.

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