Sytnik said that he had not received complaints about the conduct of the audit of NABOO

Сытник заявил, что не получал обращений по поводу проведения аудита НАБУ

The Director of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine Sytnyk said that none of the auditors NABOO had not appealed to him for inspection. This Sytnik said to journalists, transfers “112 Ukraine”.

According to him, he was expecting an “instant audit” of decisions that “bad”, and dismissals, but this did not happen.

“I expected that the audit will begin immediately after a third auditor. I think it was in June, after the Parliament delegated the President made a decision and delegated its representative to the Commission of external control. Two months passed, no calls, no official request, written, oral, by telephone, on the part of any auditor, I have not had, as the leader of NABOO. Why don’t they take office? For me it is not quite understand the situation. When I listen to the position of the individual auditor, the intention is to change the law and expand the rights of auditors, it seems to me that it’s not quite right initially to select the auditors, and then for them to adopt a certain law. But this bill is likely to appear,” – said Sytnik.

Note, only auditors NABS three: Pavel Zhebrivsky (from the President), Vladimir Vasilenko (from the Parliament) and Michael Buromenskiy (from the Cabinet).

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