Sytnik: the NAB is appealing the decision of the MPC on Golodnitsky, the claim is almost ready

Сытник: НАБУ обжалует решение КДКП по Холодницкому, иск почти готов

NABOO in any case, appealing the decision of the Qualification and disciplinary Commission (MPC), which decided to dismiss the head of the SAP of the Prosecutor’s office of Nazar Golodnitsky, this suit is almost ready, soon will be signed. This was stated by Director of the NABU Sytnyk during the presentation of the report on the work of the anti-corruption Bureau in the first half of 2018, which was broadcast channel “112 Ukraine”.

“We will appeal, this suit is almost ready, soon will be signed. Open a trade? I’m not sure. Will there be a positive decision? After the decision of the MPC also not sure. But to leave without a reaction all of this, even when the MPC recognizes these facts, it confirms that they occurred, that the complaint is justified”, – said Sytnik.

However, he acknowledged that the opportunities for appeal are limited.

“I wrote in the date of the decision letter to the MPC with a request to give permission, got the explanation that the decision itself is not specified that this permission is granted, so permission is not granted. So I yell to write accurately will not, is absolutely hopeless. As for the appeal to the Administrative court, then indeed the law is a rule which says that the Prosecutor disputes, but may not act to deny access to justice” – said Sytnik.

As reported, on 26 July, the MPC had not dismissed any Holodnitsky as head of the SAP.

Recall, the NAB asked the MPC to initiate instead of reprimand dismissal of Deputy Prosecutor General – specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor nazara Holodnitsky for gross violation of prosecutorial ethics.

In March there appeared information that the SAP found the wiretap in the office Gorodnitskogo. Subsequently, the GPU confirmed this information, having specified that together with the NEB conducts an investigation against employees of SAP, including Golodnitsky.

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