“Take a Zombie was not opportunistic”

«Reprendre Zombie n’était pas opportuniste»

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Do not think that the heavy metal band Bad Wolves wanted to be opportunistic in launching his resume of Zombie a few days after the death of the singer of the Cranberries, Dolores O’riordan. Rather, it is completely the opposite, explained to the Newspaper the singer Tommy Vext.

It is the 19th January last that the group california Bad Wolves has launched its new version of Zombie. Four days earlier, on the death of Dolores O’riordan had made the tour of the planet. Not surprisingly, the recovery of heavy metal, the song has reached the top of the charts.

Monday, Zombie was in the first place of the 6 a 6 CKOI for a 23rd consecutive week. The music video for the song has over 70 million views on Facebook and YouTube. And the room has been heard 12 million times on Spotify.

In an interview with The Newspaper, Tommy Vext admits to having been surprised to see her recovery to be as well accepted by the fans of the Cranberries. “The original song has so much been a worldwide success that I was terrified at the idea of the resume, to be honest. “

On 15 January, Dolores O’riordan had to go into the studio to record his voice on the new version of Bad Wolves. The artist, 46-year-old has never made. His death is still unexplained today and the coroner in charge of the investigation is expected to reveal its results in the coming weeks.

“When I heard the news, I was devastated, just like the rest of the group, says Tommy Vext. We were in a state of disbelief. “

For the children of Dolores

«Reprendre Zombie n’était pas opportuniste»

Dolores O’riordan was found dead a few hours before entering the studio.


Of course, the musicians have thought about it to put their version of Zombie on a shelf and never get the song. But after mature reflection, and after talking with the family of Dolores, the group has decided to exit the room and return all profits to the three children Dolores, who live with their father in Toronto.

“It was the only thing to do, said Tommy Vext. It was unanimous in the group. […] It was the last project on which she worked before he died. We had a responsibility to continue his legacy. This is not our money, we foutons of it. This probably explains part of the success of the recovery. The people know that it is for a good cause. “

Tommy Vext is not known how much money the new version of Zombie has amassed since the month of January. “Our label and our lawyer is in charge of it,” he said. But we don’t talk about it really, because it is the request of the family.”

The album Bad Wolves, Disobey, will be released on 11 may on the market.