Taken in the storm, they are lodged by strangers

“There are still good Samaritans on the earth!” Exclaimed Hélène Roger after a night spent in the basement of pure strangers, only a few kilometers from her home impossible to rally because of the storm .
Ms Roger, a resident of Saint-Apollinaire, received the call of her pregnant daughter-in-law, Jessica Ouellet, at about 6:45 pm on Tuesday, saying she was incapable of driving so bad visibility. “Jessica was thinking on Highway 20 but she had taken the exit of Saint-Etienne without realizing it. When she noticed it, she did not dare take the road again, “explains her mother-in-law, who did not do one or two and went to meet him.
It was agreed to leave the young woman’s small car at a gas station and take it on board. Judging the acceptable visibility until Saint-Apollinaire, the driver decided to go back to her home in Saint-Flavien.
But once in the Bois-de-l’Ail range, whose name gives you a good idea of ​​the population density, Mrs. Roger lost a windscreen wiper and stumbled upon imposing snow blades. As she tried to turn back, her car got bogged down to the point where she was no longer able to open her door.
Mrs. Ouellet went to the doors of the two nearest houses, but there was no answer. Fortunately, a motorist passing by there went to ask for help a little further.
… Invited to strangers
Thus a neighbor came to meet the two women caught in the snow. He brought them back to his ancestral home, where his wife was waiting for him. From there, Mrs. Roger tried to call a tow truck, but even the rescue could not go so far in such a blizzard. “Finally, they put us in a nice room downstairs. In the morning, the gentleman made us breakfast, “says the resident of Saint-Apollinaire, impressed by the warm welcome of these strangers.
Of course, it was then necessary to recover the car, buried under the snow and the battery flat. But all in all, Mrs Roger finds that their misadventure has ended very well. “Jessica said,” You saved my life! ” I replied: in any case, I did not save you at night, “she laughed Wednesday.

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