Telescope “James Webb” has successfully passed the cryogenic tests

Telescope “James Webb” successfully passed the cryogenic tests, as informed representatives of NASA. This 90-day test, the telescope was prepared for two decades. At the time of the test optical components and instrument compartment of the device was placed in the geometric camera in Houston.


Tests related to cryogenics, conducted on the territory of the Space center Lyndon B. Johnson. The project managers wanted to find out exactly whether the machine to work in conditions of cold and vacuum. Testing involves the inspection of the optical segments of the telescope and 18 of the basic details. A month the device is cooled to cryogenic temperatures, and after 30 days, the telescope began to heat up. The room depressurized 1 Dec.

Devices “James Webb” will be protected from the Sun with a special shield, the size of a tennis court. Experts said that this design will help the unit to withstand the temperature -233°C. in General, the test was deemed successful.