Telework, more effective than the desktop?

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If, like us, you want to convince your boss to let you sometimes work from home, here is some information that will help you.

First, you are not alone. Work from home in order to offer more flexibility and tranquility is no longer a rare thing to which only a few computer programmers may be entitled to claim.

Telework is made possible through technological advances, but also because of the flaws of the work in open space. The famous open spaces would not allow to increase creativity and communication among employees, according to Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society.

Reservations justified?

Although telework has grown, it remains very restricted.

In fact, the house is often considered as a space of rest, therefore subject to biases in the work. Similarly, work away from the office gives the impression that it escapes the supervision, that there is more to be disturbed.

Yet, according to the website SurePayroll, 65% of employees would think that they would be more productive working from home. The same source says, however, that only 19% of employees would be allowed to do so.

That said, the work is not only a focused task and mandate to comply. It is also a social space in which to create human relations. At the office, you are not alone.

It would therefore be possible to find a middle ground. Economics professor Nicholas Bloom, interviewed by TedEd, consider only one or two days working at home would be an ideal compromise.

A word to the wise.

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