Temperature records may: Ukraine cover tornadoes

Температурные рекорды мая: Украину накрывают смерчи

Temperature records may: Ukraine cover tornadoes
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Chernihiv, may 10, the people were scared by the sudden tornado. Photo: Screenshot of the social network

Global warming continues to change our climate.

Of heat in the relative coolness and again in the heat, which should cover the Ukraine by the end of the month. It was may of 2018. Only in Kiev, meteorologists recorded 12 heat records. For the first half of may, the Ukrainians were observed, and hail the size of a good grape, and tearing the trees a heavy wind. And recently in Chernihiv region was recorded real sand tornado, rushing into the sky to a height of 20 meters.

The closer to the North, the warmer

All the surprises the weather – heat or fierce cold is attributed to global warming. This mysterious phenomenon, around which there is much dispute, really exists. Over the last 150 years since the beginning of meteorological observations temperature in Ukraine increased by 0.8 – 1 degree.

The increase is not uniform and cyclical. Was warmer, colder periods, but averages are – says climatologist Svetlana Boychenko. – And more intense warming occurs in the Northern regions of the country. It is 1 – 1.5 degrees. In the South less intense: 0.6 – 0.7 degrees.

That’s what we saw in may, is a prolonged days of rain, which would promise a good harvest. A sharp increase in air temperature in may (the same picture is typical for August) and a decrease in rainfall – the same trend that is observed for the last 50 years.

– This phenomenon is typical not only for Ukraine but for the whole European bands, in which we find ourselves. According to one hypothesis, the hot dry weather brings subtropical anticyclones that form the desert from Asian to Sahara – says Svetlana Boychenko.

Meeting best avoided

Tornado scare on may 10, residents of Chernihiv, is actually not such a rare phenomenon in Ukraine. However, sand are less common than lightning. Most often, air vortices are formed at the coasts of Black and Azov seas, along the Volyn-Podolsk upland.

– Typical for Ukraine weak tornadoes due to global warming is also changing, says Svetlana Boychenko. – They become more powerful, more energetic.

Therefore, meetings with local tornado should be avoided. A year ago in the same Chernihiv region began to spin, a tornado of such force that lifted and hit the ground two children. And in 2014, in the Cherkassy region lifted and turned to one side a passenger bus.

What a change!

Now in all regions of Ukraine, there is a sharp change in temperature during one day, and even faster. The cold air mixes with warm, creates storms and squalls to which we need to be ready this summer. As short heavy rains and prolonged periods of drought.

According to the climatologist, is even more drastic temperature changes inherent in the European countries with a Maritime climate. For example, in the Netherlands the weather can drop or rise 10 degrees in 15 minutes.

– This climate in Ukraine will never happen, we can only talk about a certain similarity, – said Svetlana Boychenko. But some changes in our lives this similarity can bring.

Winter in Ukraine can soon become more cold and more snowy, while summer is more rainy than now. On the ecosystem it will only benefit.

By the way

The climate scientists, like politicians, the forecasts are different. One of these States that the increase in temperature and decrease in summer precipitation will lead to a gradual desiccation of water bodies in the steppe zone of the country and as a result a shortage of fresh water.

But there are more optimistic: over the last 30 years rainfall has indeed declined, but a century of research shows that the phenomenon is cyclical. Ukraine is geographically situated so that nature can maintain a balance if people won’t be rude to interfere with it.

The phenomenon

The strongest storm South of New Zealand, raised a record wave height of almost 24 meters

Measurements indicate: water trees began to reach monstrous proportions.

Scientific buoy, located about 700 kilometers from New Zealand, the Islands district, Campbell recorded a wave height of 23.8 meters. 8-storey building. Monstrous the water wave lifted the storm that raged here may 8, 2018.

– A new record for the southern hemisphere – confirmed oceanographer Tom Durrant of new Zealand research organizations MetOcean Solutions. – Previous record of 22.3 meters, set in 2012, beaten.

Storm surges are becoming higher from year to year, say scientists. “Write off” the phenomenon of global warming causing weather and climate anomalies. And they complain that not all the wave is measured. Durand, for example, does not exclude that some of the water shafts current record storm exceeded 25 meters.

The record of the southern hemisphere, not global. In the North a giant wave somehow rise more and higher. Radars installed in the European satellites, and buoys in average per day record 3 – 4 shaft with height of not less than 25 metres. And sometimes there are monsters under 30 meters.

In the meantime

The instruments recorded what shouldn’t be

Scientists can not yet understand the mechanism of the formation of giant waves. The idea should not be their. Wave height depends on wind strength, how long it blows, and from the square of open water. For example, hurricane force 12 points, which is very rare, passing on a wide water space to 17,700 kilometers from Panama to Malaysia is in the Pacific ocean, one hour are able to catch up with waves whose average height is 4.2 meters.

Further calculations show that during the day, the waves reared by 14.1 meters, but in the end, at least for a week, above a 20.7 meter they will not rise. It is in theory. But in practice the giant shafts stoked tankers and cruise ships will damage the oil platform. In 1995 one of them, later called January wave, demolished equipment from the gas platform of Statoil in the North sea, standing at a height of 31 meters. Where did this wall of water? A mystery…

Температурные рекорды мая: Украину накрывают смерчи