Teo Taxi: Lessard evokes a specific pilot project in Quebec City

(Quebec) The Minister of Transport is reluctant to reopen the pilot project that led to the establishment of Téo Taxi in Montreal, but he could create a second one for his electric taxis to drive on the streets of Quebec City.

The Sun revealed in its edition of Tuesday that the entrepreneur Alexandre Taillefer will not be able to invest the capital market by June, as he hoped. His group is still waiting for the Department of Transport’s OK, which has authorized a pilot project for Montreal and is reluctant to expand it before its expiry in November. Especially since the work of the Committee on the Modernization of the Taxi Industry has just begun.

“What Teo is asking is to increase the number of vehicles. We said we were in favor, but we had to look at it, document it by territory, “commented Laurent Lessard on Tuesday.

He pointed out that in Montreal, Téo Taxi respects the principle of supply management that the taxi industry supports: “It leases on existing permits, so it does not change the nature of the territories. ”

The Minister of Transport is willing to “perpetuate” the offer of Teo Taxi, aware that Mr. Taillefer is ready to make numerous investments, that electric vehicles are expensive. “We are more in this phase to make its project permanent and see how the increase in the number of electric vehicles may be possible in the territory,” says Mr. Lessard.

To avoid playing in a pilot project still in progress – remember that Uber also has his own – the option to create a second one for Quebec City is being studied.

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Mr. Lessard assures that the final decision is not made. “No, we are not slowing down, we are finding the solutions so that they can be established gradually,” he insisted.

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