Ternopil asked to help save Lena

thumb_57733_news_m-300x218December 24 girl with her stepfather had an accident in Kiev. A man died and Elena is in a coma.

– The state is very difficult – says Elena’s uncle, Ternopil photographer Victor Solovyev. – Niece is now in a coma potroschenyy pelvis, a broken one leg above the knee.

She is connected to an artificial respiration. And a weak pressure it can not transport a metropolitan hospital, said Mr. Solovyov.

– Helen lost more than three liters of blood – continues to tell Mr. legs. – The internal organs goals kidneys are working. Hit her head, doctors have not examined that head, because there is no place for the necessary equipment.

Relatives and friends asking all concerned to pray and fast recovery girls.


If you want to help Elena financially, then you can transfer the money at stake Privat
6762 4620 5484 2221 Elena Solovyov

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