In Ternopil concert of patriotic poetry collected funds for the soldiers Duk

2210-300x200December 21 at the Theater Square in the center of Ternopil a charity concert of local poets and musicians, during which collected donations for Ukrainian soldiers Volunteer Corps.

The concert outdoors reporter visited ZIK-Stream Andrew bracken.

Charity concert organized activists Ternopil “Right Sector” counterparts which are now taking part in the Duc counter-terrorist operation in the Donbas. They joined local artists and poets copyright songs by agreeing to act in order to raise funds for soldiers.

The square set several tents and a small oven-stove to recreate the atmosphere of the field army. Passers-by stopped to listen to patriotic poems and songs, a box for donations gradually filled.

“We want to not only raise money but also give a chance to young talents Ternopil potential. We hold a rally in the Square Theater, because it is the main Christmas tree of the city and is always crowded. So we want to attract as many shares of citizens and remind them of the need to spare no effort for the front and win, “- said the leader of the” Legal Sector “in Ternopil region Vasily Labaychuk.

“I have some friends in the East who are fighting as part Duc and other battalions. That came to support fundraising for the soldiers. I understand that people are now in trouble due to the dollar, but the issue of public integrity, can not stand aside, “- said one of the participants of the concert, Ternopil singer Nikolay Shpahovskyy.

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