Ternopil get land for garages in private property for free

012-300x218Ternopil get into private property land for the construction and maintenance of individual garages that are part of the garage cooperative, free of charge.

“According st.121 Land Code of Ukraine Ternopil inhabitants are entitled to free transfer of land plots from municipal property for construction of individual garages, an area of ​​not more than 0.01 hectares – says Head of Land Resources Victor Kiblyar. – Because land for garages in the cooperatives, including garage cooperative “Kenotron ‘owners are free to private ownership.”

According to Victor Kiblyara, land under the ownership of the garage is given to each member of the cooperative individually, rather than garage cooperative in general. After all, only in this case the owners will be able to carry out transactions and have the privilege to pay land tax.

“The members of the garage cooperative are property of individual land. If we have a plot of land transferred to private ownership fully cooperative, individual owners could not make any transactions on purchase / sale of garages – adds Victor Kiblyar. – Also, each individual owner will have the privilege to pay land tax, and garage cooperative use this privilege is no law. A vulnerable citizens generally are exempt from this tax. ”

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