Ternopil impoverished population

geo_bidnist_new-300x218Wages in the region is the lowest in Ukraine. Besides growing unemployment, the number of people who are not working, reached fifty thousand.

The population of impoverished land. The poverty rate among residents of the region in recent years is among the highest in Ukraine.

“Attempts to stabilize the government through the state budget sequestration, freezing state social guarantees and standards limiting bonuses in the public sector, only exacerbated the social tension. The decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and state executive powers not only popular but also economically and socially justified. An example of this is the rising prices of gas, electricity, housing services, limiting public sector wages, the introduction of military training, “- said the head of the regional council of trade unions Andrew juror.

Trade union representatives noted that social stress can lead to mass protests, when people lose anything.

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