Ternopil law enforcement officers invited to a Christmas party sponsored schools pupils

MVS_6516On New Year’s show “How Cossacks New Year saved” and a festive performance within the charity event on the occasion of New Year and Christmas holidays guards with the creative team of Ternopil Drama Theater invited youngest residents Ternopil – inmates of rehabilitation centers, orphans and children deprived of parental care.

– This event is held annually Us – said Deputy Head of the Human Resource Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Ternopil region Igor innkeeper. – Kids give gifts, they meet with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. Kids satisfied. New Year’s Eve we wish them to be healthy, happy, well learned in school and make it over them was always peaceful sky.

– Children who are brought up in children’s homes that require maximum attention and not just before the holidays – says head Charitable Foundation “Orphans Future” Andrei Nazarenko. – Minors residents from the outset should feel the love and care they need to learn to be strong and independent.

According to Andrei Nazarenko, today the region is 226 orphans and children deprived of parental care. Of these – 116 living in orphanages.

– We teach children to be independent and adapted to the realities of adult life.

Funny and interesting was a celebration for all those who visited the Drama Theatre. Santa Claus and Snow Maiden and fairy-tale characters invited children to watch a Christmas play “Duck Fluff and zaderkuvatyy cock.”

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