Ternopil law enforcement officers and volunteers were invited to the Christmas holidays pupils Novoaydarsky boarding school

1113-300x218“As much help as volunteers from Ternopil and our law enforcement boarding school has never received” – not hiding emotions shared experiences Anna Biryukova, director of the Regional Novoaydarsky secondary boarding school I-III stages.

The humanitarian cargo from Ternopil to Novoaydaru Luhansk region came together with volunteers and operatives of the regional Department of the Interior. The police arrived not only perform their professional duties, but also to help local children from boarding school. Actively supported this law enforcement volunteer movement “Ruslan”.

In addition to sweets, vegetables, fruits, toys volunteers and police brought 250 school pupils spa warm jackets, 30 pairs of shoes donated to orphans three mobile phones.

As the founder of the volunteer movement Ruslan Tsaryk on a proposal to comfort children responded lot of Ternopil. People who help he could. And the common desire to give pupils holiday boarding school resulted in a good cause. Joined the charity entrepreneur Bogdan Kuchma. He bought shoes for children and own transport dopravyv humanitarian aid. His contribution to charity and made a former detective and now – Ternopil police veteran Bohdan Chomiak. He, along with his son, who, incidentally, is a city police department officers of its own minibus brought operatives in place temporary deployment. Gifts from St. Nicholas gave the children the head of the Criminal Investigation Stephen Yatsuh.

Anna Biryukova, director Novoaydarsky regional secondary boarding school says he is very pleased with the neighborhood Ternopil law enforcement:

– Our boarding school for treatment and recovery is 275 children with upper respiratory tract, cardiovascular system and scoliosis. Among them – 52 orphans. Now we are in the so-called border zone. On the other side – the war. It is clear that any aid that ever came usually from Lugansk, do not get. But the world is not without good people. Since July we live military police from all over Ukraine, Nikolaev, Odessa, Chernivtsi, Ternopil, Kyiv. They are our salvation, because volunteers often bring them assistance, which they generously share with us.

Teachers and pupils boarding sincerely grateful to everyone who helps them survive in these difficult days. However, to Ternopil them special treatment.

“As much help as volunteers from Ternopil and law enforcement, our boarding school has never received”, – said the director of the boarding school Anna Biryukova, who for over a decade headed the school.

An appreciation of his older friends in a special express small pets institution. Children morning before classes sing anthem Ukraine to support the morale of its defenders, organize concerts for soldiers, draw them a picture.

– We have another interesting ByAccording to help these disadvantaged children – says Ruslan Tsaryk plans. – We would like to invite them to us at Christmas. Now are actively seeking families who would have holidays pupils boarding school raises money for fuel and other costs associated with the stay and transportation of children. If someone is able to assist us in this good cause, please help.

Funds can be counted in numbers of bank cards: 5457082231959557 (Privat) and 4073604401244143 (UkrSibbank) to the Drozdovskii Inna Nikolaevna. Phone: 098-507-15-77.

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