Ternopil parents are advised to independently take care of the required immunizations for children

photo-300x218During the year the level of infectious diseases in the region declined. Experts say over 11 months this number decreased by 4.7%, as compared to the same period last year. For details, see the story.

Head of Epidemiology, said the situation with the average years of parameters. However, the overall picture is somewhat spoils the outbreak of intestinal infection salmonellosis in December, which is not typical for winter.

MARIA PAVELYEVA, head of epidemiology PG Gossanepidsluzhby in:

“Ill 67 people, including 20 children. Today epidrozsliduvannya still ongoing. In epidemiological anamnesis there is evidence that patients ate pastries, respectively, Shumsky manufacturer is PE “Shumskhlib” and PE “Shevchuk.” To date, there are 20 people who have laboratory confirmed diagnosis, ie twenty people selected SalmonellaEnteritidis. In addition to these ten models confectionery also identified pathogen SalmonellaEnteritidis ».

Regarding vaccination against infectious diseases, according to Mary Pavelyevoyi this year in the area not entered a large number of vaccines. So much of the population, including children, according to the vaccination calendar remained unvaccinated. This can cause the growth of infectious diseases among children.

MARIA PAVELYEVA, head of epidemiology PG Gossanepidsluzhby in:

“This year we have registered a case of tetanus among children. While in previous years it was recorded, the disease was recorded more than in the adult population, it is the last year we note it and among children, it is said that the child population has no immunity to these diseases. ”

In this situation, Maria Pavelyeva encourages parents to take care of yourself the necessary immunizations for children

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