In Ternopil to the prosecutor brought the golden bowl and tires

IMG_5896-300x218Picket at the regional prosecutor’s office organized activists and human Ternopil Self Defense Sector 23 December. Require lustration.

By the Regional Prosecutor people come with tires and a gold toilet. They expressed their indignation at the actions of prosecutors.

– We have a lot of questions to prosecutors – say activists. – The first issue of land ATO members. Real people who really have not fought back there. A land already handed out a lot. Another question in the park. The representative of the Yanukovych regime remained head of forestry. For almost a year in hospital and still holds his position.

First, prosecutors offered to all activists and citizens to enter the courtroom. But indoors prosecution conflict between activists in Balaklava and authorities. The boys refused to withdraw picket Balaklava then moved back to the entrance of the regional prosecutor’s office. Subsequently picketers out regional prosecutor Yuri Hulkevych who asked all the questions and provide pritenzy activists in the form of written request.

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