Ternopil regional public rejected the anti-corruption

66-300x218In Ukraine – a critical situation with corruption. Universal rated on perceptions of corruption are near Uganda. A World Bank equates the annual amount of bribes in our country to a two-month trade turnover. Why, even after critical events Maidan people “give” and “take” and how this opposition, discussed in Ternopil Day fight against corruption.

In the world ranking Ukraine was one of the corrupt leaders

A year after the revolution Merits Ukraine remains one of the most corrupt countries in the world. This conclusion experts of international NGO Anti-Corruption Transparency International. Each year, the organization ranks countries on the Corruption Perceptions Index. The current rating of Ukraine takes place 142 with 174 possible. These figures indicate that the give and take bribes to Ukrainian became familiar and acceptable phenomenon.

Last year our country was on the 144 th place, so for a year to improve performance managed only two points. As one of the most corrupt states Ukraine was on the same level with Uganda and Comoros.

Corruption in Ternopil discussed in public and parliamentary hearings in the state administration. Members of the regional council, law enforcement officials, clergy and community led by the Deputy Governor Leonid Bytsyuroyu rated as performed during the year regional program to combat corruption.

The draft anti-corruption program developed two years ago, adopted in November 2013.

Funding for the program was not given

On its implementation and the results achieved has reported Chief of the Prevention and detection of corruption Ternopil Regional State Administration Borys long.

According to him, during the first 9 months of this year made 92 reports on corruption, according to the results, the court drew to justice 72 persons – all punished with fines. Also check sector spent 79 declarations of income and 299 administrative documents, conducted 53 interviews with candidates for civil service antyhabarnytskoho content.

– The financing program activities in 2014 allocated funds from the regional budget in the amount of 83 thousand UAH. Due to the measures envisaged are not allocated to the program – said Boris long.

According to the official, the causes of bribery in Ukraine are: low wage employees, bureaucratic decision-making system and procedures stereotypes that for services need to “thank” the closed state of the public from exposure and lack of a mechanism of control over their activities. According to surveys, people believe that most corruption is widespread in government, courts, political parties, law enforcement, prosecutors, medicine, higher education. Even their legal rights citizens have to resort to bribery.

The shadow economy is equal to the official

More than 6 percent of the average income of Ukrainian businessmen spend on bribes to officials. A World Bank experts estimate the annual amount of bribes in Ukraine at the level of two trade turnover. The share of the shadow economy in Ukraine almost caught up with the official and is 45-60 percent.

– Corruption in the country is widespread in all areas it become systemic and poses a real threat to national security and democratic development – summed shocking statistic Mr. Long.

When considering the anti-corruption program in the public raised many questions. First, a number of problems with the program is not executed at all. For example, all individual structural units OSA had to open their sites and fill them with data. However, a number of departments still have their sites. This is one of the easiest tasks, but it is not implemented. Secondly, there are social activists and business representatives questioned the practical effectiveness and efficiency of the program. So for a new anti-corruption program for 2015 OSA has given two weeks to all interested persons could make suggestions for improvements. This will be another “anti-corruption” meeting.

People interested in where politicians millions of fortune

Many questions arose to the public of inspectors – prosecutors, police, the SBU. One of the critical issues – why several officials living with a fortune that does not coincide with their salaries? Also asked why not punished officials who stole last budget? The answers were different. Power authorities point out that abuse is difficult to prove, but no concrete evidence to accuse people can not. The cause of barren, as they say, is an insufficient number of powers (necessary changes in legislation) and passive citizens who do not want to assert facts extortion.

– The problem states that the law enforcement system not only protects the interests of the state, but also promotes corruption. Without her cover would work corruption schemes, which are actually razela our country – said the chairman of the Ternopil public formation of public order “Ternopil Self-Defense” Yuriy Morhun. – Because the public has in some respects monitor the work of law enforcement agencies have information beneficial owners of companies and business. We have many years of fighting for that property and financial condition of officials, politicians, forming vertical of power, were known to the public. Of course, we are not against rich people, but want the law enforcement system estimated fortune of our employees and made according to the law verdicts, who can sit in the office and who should sit in jail. What else should law enforcement that they saw millions of fortune Ukrainian politicians?

Over Corruption and respond to the people and to God

Present at the hearing Archbishop of Ternopil and Buchatskiy Pysyk Nestor said that Scripture condemns bribery. He said the problem: people listen to the church guidelines, but based abroad, do not apply heard in my life. Some believe that the church is outdated vision is far from reality today. However, ignoring the daily life in biblical truths we harm to themselves and to society and the state.

– We, as a church, to the extent of our capabilities are ready to join the fight against corruption. However, both the state and society should help people not to do this sin: it is about education, and a just punishment, which is often not – said the archbishop.

Nestor Pysyk left all those present at the memory verse of Scripture: “Bribery take you to shed blood, Usury and increase you and your neighbor cheateth cruelly. And you forget me, saith the Lord … And I smote hand at thy dishonest gain which thou hast made, and at thy blood that were in thee. Can thine heart endure, or can thine hands be strong, in the days that I shall deal with thee? I the LORD have spoken it and will do it. ”

The pastor said that for bribery believers bear not only ecclesiastical punishment, and respond to God.

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