Ternopil retirees may revoke privileges transport

vr231111-300x218The abolition of preferential travel for citizens of complete collapse of the industry, said transporters.

Bill 1577, which recently looked at the Parliament, contains provisions on the abolition of privileges disabled public transport, the director KP “Ternopilelektrotrans” Andrew Mastyuh.

– Currently, this zakonoprekt rejected and sent back for revision – says Mr. Mastyuh. – However, the probability that it did confirm remains.

In addition the following year currently provided no public transport operators on subsidies to privileged.

– If the state will not reimburse transport operators privileged categories of citizens, it would mean that free travel is not all – says Mr. Andrew. – And especially this problem affect electric.

After all trolleys in our city is the mode of transport, which are often beneficiaries, including retirees, told transporters.

– How can you suddenly say 70-year-old grandmother that she should pay for travel? – Says Mr. Mastyuh. – If pensioners in our country never not pay for it, even taking into account the size of their pensions.

In Ukraine in electric employs about 120 thousand people, said Mr. Mastyuh.

– They all remain out of work – says Mr. Andrew. -. In addition, if the obligation to compensate for preferential passage put on local budgets, I am not sure if it will stand the Ternopil. Therefore, price reductions will cancel all. Otherwise it will end complete collapse of our industry.

Before taking such laws should meet with representatives of city councils and hold discussions to clarify this issue, I’m sure Mr. Mastyuh.

– You will need to calculate the appropriate rate, and then conduct explanatory work among the passengers – continues to tell Mr. Andrew. – That is, it should not be momentary solution and introduced gradually.

However, transport workers still hope that the abolition of preferential travel will be only at the stage of the initiative and is not approved.

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